About Our Collectibles

About Our Collectibles

Currently, Karen Didion Originals has five unique lines. The first is her stunning “One-Of-A-Kind” collection. As the title claims, these creations are the only designs of their kind. They are handcrafted exclusively by Karen here in the United States and no replicas are produced. Karen’s Christmas One-of-a-Kinds incorporate an extraordinary selection of antique toys, ornaments, and accessories into each piece as well as her own beautiful hand-painted Santa porcelain face with real wool beard. Her Spooktacular One-of-a-Kind collectibles include multiple chilling antiques and embellishments that only enhance the timeless eeriness embodied by these creations. Each design comes signed by Karen and numbered as the only collectible of its kind; along with a collector’s certificate of authenticity, also signed by artist Karen Didion.

Karen’s second line is the ever popular, affordable, high quality, and artist designed Christmas collection. This line has developed a huge following over the years with collectors due to its unique look in traditional, vintage, and themed Santa Claus designs. All of these collectibles are hand crafted with glass inset eyes, hand painted faces and hands, and beautiful, lifelike beards. Many of the new vintage figurines include ornate hand painted eyes and a very unique old world, rustic design.

The immense success of these Santa Claus collectibles has resulted in the introduction of Karen’s secondary lines. Born from endless amounts of inspiration and creativity, the Spooktacular, Classic Home, and Spring collections have found extensive success. Each of these Classic Home Collectibles is hand crafted with hand painted faces and hands. They also include beautiful glass inset eyes and all have their own exceptional theme and detail. Each of Karen’s Spooktacular designs incorporates its own eerie, fun, and/or glamorous twist on Halloween. Along with intricately hand painted faces, eyes, and hands; these ghostly collectibles incorporate many ornate and unique adornments and detail. Karen’s most recent addition has been her Spring Collection. Each of these charming designs incorporates multiple bright and lively fabrics and accessories to bring to life the energy of Spring. Many of the Spring creations embodies its own fun and unique theme.

Each of Karen’s personal designs within the Christmas, Classic Home, Halloween, and Spring collections are hand designed by Karen herself and each come with its own sewn in collector’s tag as well as a miniature artist profile on the back of each figurine. Many exquisite and unique fabrics are used to make each item’s clothing; such as imported tapestry, velvet, jacquard knit, satin, velour, suede and leather. Novelty prints and designer buttons set off the vests and coats. Faux fur, embroidery, unusual braid and tassels are used as trims. Each collectible in these four lines is reproduced with the highest quality and attention and are all personally examined and approved by a Didion before being placed in the home of one of our beloved collectors.

Karen Didion Originals has found great success and has continued to grow over the years due to Karen’s passion, ingenuity, and creativity, along with the family’s hard work and dedication; and not least of all, our collectors’ continued love for the Karen Didion Originals collection. Her collectibles can currently be found in many department stores and specialty shops across the United States, internationally, and online.

Karen Didion Originals’ exceptional attention to detail, high quality fabrics, accessories, and overall designs, and their remarkable prices are just a few of the standards that Karen Didion Originals upholds to set their designs above the rest.