Frequently Asked Questions

Can a non-retail customer place an order on your site?

No, Karen Didion Originals is strictly a wholesaler and only accepts orders from retailers with a valid Tax ID number. To find a retail store near you which provides our Karen Didion Originals collectibles, please visit Find a Retailer.

What is your minimum order?

Karen Didion Originals has a yearly minimum order of $400 on the first order of each year. Once the minimum has been met, there is no minimum on reorders for the remainder of the current year.

How do I become a retailer?

Please fill out the submission form on our Become a Retailer page. Once complete, please proceed by creating an account on our Create An Account page. This will allow you to view all available items and our wholesale price list.

How do I place an order?

Karen Didion Originals only accepts orders from approved retailers. Orders may be placed in one of three ways.

  1. An order may be placed online by logging in and shopping
  2. An order may be placed over the phone by calling 888-922-0450.
  3. An order may be faxed to 636-279-1801.

What information is required of a new customer so that an order may be placed?

When placing your order as a new customer, the following information will be required:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Bill To Address
  3. Company Ship To Address
  4. Company Contact Name
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Fax Number
  7. Email Address
  8. Company website URL. (Company’s website will be placed on our website under the Find a Retail Store page allowing customers to locate you easily as a Karen Didion Originals provider).
  9. Ship Date
  10. Items to be placed on order.
  11. Credit Card Number which will be charged at time of shipment

How do I become a drop shipper?

Please fill out and submit a Become A Drop Ship Retailer form.

Once your company has been approved as a Karen Didion Originals drop ship retailer, the following information will be required:

  • Karen Didion Originals has a minimum opening order of $400. If this has not already been met, a onetime $400 down payment will be required which will go towards your current year’s drop shipment orders.
  • A valid credit card which all orders will be charged to prior to shipment.
  • A UPS account number. All shipping charges will be charged to your company’s UPS account number.

How does your drop shipment process work?

Please contact Ashley Didion via email or call at 636-279-1800 to receive a copy of the Karen Didion Originals Drop Shipment Procedure form.

How do I report a damaged or missing item?

All damaged or missing items must be reported within ten days of receiving the shipment. Damages and/or missing items may be reported by contacting Jill Blackford via email, call Jill at 888-922-0450 or submit a claim form. Please provide the invoice number and item number of the item in question. You will also be asked to email a picture of the damaged item if the damage is of the visible nature. All items must be returned in original box with sufficient packing material to ensure no movement of the product within the box. Do not return any items without prior approval.

How do I make changes to my current order?

Any changes and/or cancellations to a current order must be done by fax or email. Order changes and cancellations will not be accepted via telephone as these changes and cancellations must be in writing. Order changes and cancellations may be faxed to 636-279-1801 or emailed. Written confirmation of receipt will be sent back in the same method. The order change and/or cancellation is not considered valid until confirmation has been sent.
When sending an order change and/or cancellation, please include:

  • the company name
  • sales order number
  • change and/or cancellation
  • name of individual sending the order change and/or cancellation

From where do you ship?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse facility in St. Peters, Missouri, USA.

What are your shipping charges?

All orders shipped to a business within the Continental United States will receive a 15% shipping charge with the exception of orders shipping to California, Oregon, and Washington. Orders shipped to California, Oregon, and Washington will receive a 20% shipping charge.


To receive a shipping quote to a residential location or a location outside of the Continental United States, please contact our warehouse at 636-279-1800.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship all orders via UPS.

How early/late can I set my ship date?

Ship dates can be as early or late into the year as preferred. Any orders with ship dates prior to August 15th may be subject to partial shipments as Karen Didion Originals may not have all items available until this time.

Do you sell to international companies?

Yes, Karen Didion Originals does sell to international companies. All shipments must be shipped to a freight forwarder within the United States.

How long have you been in business?

Karen Didion has been designing and selling her designs since 1996.

Which gift markets do you attend?

Karen Didion Originals attends the AmericasMart gift market in Atlanta, Georgia and the Dallas Gift Market in Dallas, Texas. Please visit our Contact Us page in order to obtain our showroom information.