One Of A Kind Lighted Bed Knobs And Broom Stick Witch

Dimensions: 23″W x 21″D x 30″H

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This festive Halloween design is handmade by American artist Karen Didion. This creation is is based upon unique, vintage copper and brass oil lamp base which sits upon a Georgian copper tray. This lively collectible is adorned with multiple antiques including a shrieking Steiff black cat, vintage tin, vintage apothecary bottles, vintage Bakelite button, vintage brass door knob and key, vintage copper lock, vintage brass finial, and vintage green antenna. Additionally, the collectible is embellished with an eerily lit Halloween tree. The detailed process of Karen actually making the completed design could take days to weeks to complete depending on the amount of detail contained. But in reality, it could take years to complete an entire one-of-a-kind collectible from the point the ornate anchor piece is found and purchased, to collecting all the additional vintage and unique embellishments that are part of each one-of-a-kind design. Each unique, one-of-a-kind is sold with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Karen, herself as well as an artist hang tag. Additionally, all one-of-a-kind collectibles are signed and numbered by Karen as a 1 of 1. Karen has been creating her unique and beautiful one-of-kind collectibles since 1994.

Tree lights are battery operated. Two CR2032 batteries are included.

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