Our Mission

We invite you to….
“Come Home for Christmas”

Karen Didion Originals encourages its customers to step away from the hustle and bustle of what the Christmas season has become for so many in this day and age. We welcome you to remove yourself from the commercialism and obligations that have come to associate themselves with this holiday season. Rather, place yourself in simpler times when Christmas centered around family, laughter, and cheerful hearts. Reminisce on warm spiced aromas coming from the kitchen, sugar cookies fresh from the oven, story time around the fireplace, and carols filling the home. Think back to and remember the reason for the season. This is what Christmas means to us at Karen Didion Originals. It is a time to appreciate and enjoy those around us while feeling the joy and cheerfulness that they and the Christmas holiday bring to our lives. We, at Karen Didion Originals, invite you to fall in love with the spirit of Christmas again and to create a new Christmas tradition that can be shared and passed down for generations.